• Dreamers

    Burning the Midnight Oil
    Dreams, I used to believe, were the goals we set far out in the future for the day we retired. Working late nights hacking away at tasks that would get me closer to those dreams, instead of going out, or enjoying the little victories on the way. That perception quickly dissapated. It all started during a late night in October. My friend (Mark) and I had been burning the midnight oil when an unusual tweet caught my attention.

  • Competition Announcement

    The tweet was posted by Audi regarding their infamous #WantAnR8 campaign. Their message read,

    "Shakespeare wrote sonnets, Lennon wrote love songs, some guy even built the Taj Mahal. We asked Audi fans to create their own love letter to the R8 using footage and music provided by us. All for the chance to drive an R8 for a day."

    It was a challenge too delicious not to eat up.
  • Video Submission

    Take some stock footage and make a video. Seemed simple, at first. The only catch was the video was to be done with an online tool in a tightly controlled environment. After a few browser crashes and fanagling with the online video editor, this short was born. All I could do now was wait to hear back from Audi.
  • The Win

    A few weeks later, while sitting on a work call one gloomy November day, I received a tweet from Audi that flooded my feed. It read,

    "This year's #WantAnR8 winner Tamer Shaaban reigns supreme with this aptly titled video:"

    It took me a few minutes to realized what had just happened, but the day wasn't looking so gloomy after all.
  • You've got mail

    It wasn't too long after, that a special surprise arrived in the mail. A certificate for two, to drive Audi's premiere super car around a race track in Sonoma, California. I knew just the person to take. Time to make a phone call.
  • Pick a friend

  • Travel to San Francisco

  • Sightseeing

    After landing in San Francisco, we grabbed our bags, picked up an Audi A4 from Silver Car, and headed out to begin our adventure.
  • Check-in to Carneros Inn

    With the long day of travelling, site seeing, road tripping and swimming coming to an end, we headed to the Carneros Inn near the track to call it a night.

  • Training

    To start our day, we became aquainted with all the terminology we would be using during the day. After about 90 minutes of training, a bit overwhelmed and intimidated, we headed out to test our first vehicle.

  • TTS

    Up first we wrestled with Audi TTS. It is by far one of the most fun vehicles you will ever drive. It picks up quickly, it's small, light, and extremely responsive. It may look harmless, but it will have you giggling like a child again with in minutes.
  • RS5

    If there is one thing that is distinct about the RS5, it is the sound of its engine. It is almost as if the engineers from Audi snuck into the deepest caverns of hell, captured the sound of it's most villainous demons, and placed it in the engine of the RS5. Every time you step on the gas or down shift, the sound you'll hear is that of the grunts of hells demons.
  • R8

    The Newtonian Universe. It is said that everything in the universe bows down to the three main principals of Isaac Newton's laws. That is everything but the Audi R8. Taking a turn at 90 MPH should not be possible. But the R8 is somehow able to bend the laws of physics to its will, sucking the Earth towards its gravity as it maneuvers. There are cars, and then there is the R8.
  • The Journey

    The opportunity that we received was a rare one. The real gift didn't come in the form of material possesions though, but a reminder of the importance of each experience. Dream big and work hard. But don't forget to play hard either, because the journey is the destination.